Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thread & Eye Stitching Retreat

Last weekend I went to my LNS' stitching retreat. The first day and a half was spent just chillin and stitchin, and then on Saturday I spent the day (and most of the evening) working on the counted canvas class project. After a little extra work once I got home, I managed to finish it.

The design is by Needle Delights. The class was wonderfully organized and everyone was able to pick a colourway they liked with an array of different floss types. As an added bonus, a finishing method was provided too. It isn't simply a frame for the stitching, but it's actually a trivet/mug coaster. How cool is that?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bye bye bug

I have lost my stitchy bug. He has been gone for quite a while now. I certainly haven't had much time to stitch in the past 6 weeks, what with school starting and my own research activities really ramping up.

But, what I think really made my stitchy bug disappear was my mom's poor health. She was diagnosed with cancer in April and spent the summer receiving chemotherapy treatments. The last 3 months have been terribly difficult. She was ravaged by the chemo and the cancer; she spent most of her time sleeping and wasting away. At the end of September, she lost the battle and passed away.

Stitching has been my therapy, my relaxation, my happy place for years now, but somehow I find it very difficult to muster the energy it takes to pull out my stitching and work on it.

So I am sorry that I have not updated the blog in a while and I am sorry I have no pictures to share. I'm sure you can understand why though.

I'm off to a stitching retreat this weekend, and I'm hoping that will rejuvenate me and kick my stitchy bug back into gear.

Next time there will be pictures. Promise.