Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January Update of the Yo3s

So this is my first update for my Year of Threes Challenge I set myself. I have 3 main crafty hobbies (cross stitching, knitting, and English paper piecing) and I have chosen 3 current WIPs of each kind to focus on this year.

Here's how I did during the first 3 weeks of 2015:

Cross stitch -- nothing. Didn't touch anything.

English paper piecing -- nothing Didn't touch anything.

Knitting -- I love knitting. :)

The socks ....

The pi shawl ...

The hat ....


oops nothing on that one. Sorry.

Work and school don't leave me with much free time (or energy), and I find knitting is often the only thing I have the brain capacity to work on in the evenings.

Nothing wrong with knitting progress!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1/6 of a pair of socks

I haven't made a ton of progress but the sock is growing (!!) and I am really enjoying knitting it.

I switched from dpns to 2 circular needles to 1 circular needle using magic loop and eventually came back to dpns. I find them the easiest to knit with and there isn't as much laddering on the sides. Knowing this is a good thing, cause I have an entire set of dpns. I'm glad they'll be useful in the future.

Monday, January 5, 2015

It looks like a sock!

I've made some progress on my very first sock ever ... and guess what! It actually looks like a sock. I'm so excited. :P

String Theory Colourworks' Continuum base in Atom colourway

Love the grey, love the purple, and adore the pop of green. These socks should be done just in time for spring. LOL