Friday, January 28, 2011

HAED Freebie SAL 2011 - QS Terra Fairy Sprite

This year I decided to join the HAED Bulletin Board Freebie Stitchalong. We had a choice of 6 quickstitch patterns, and I chose Terra Fairy Sprite by Brigid Ashwood.

It's not something I'd normally stitch, but the other patterns really didn't call to me. I admit I do like the tattoo on her arm, almost matches mine. :)

It's a year-long stitchalong, where I get one page of the pattern every 2 months. I have a ton of other projects on the go, so I don't expect to get too far on this, but I have committed to finishing at least the first page before Christmas.

I was originally planning on doing this in petit point on 32 ct silk gauze, but one thread wasn't enough coverage and 2 threads was so squishy that I couldn't tell the stitches apart (which is a problem since you need to count stitches in counted cross stitch - go figure!). I then bought some 32 ct lugana and tried 1 thread and 2 thread tent stitches, both of which I hated. I then tried 1 over 1 full crosses on the 32 ct and still hated it. For my last ditch attempt (keep in mind I stitched 200-300 stitches each time I tried this), I tried 1 over 1 full crosses on some 28 ct jazlyn fabric. It's doable, but it's not my favourite.

Since I had so many false starts, I really haven't gotten very far on this yet, but progress is progress.

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