Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moving Along Nicely!

I disappeared up into cottage country for a few days for a "work-cation." I desperately needed to focus and get some school work done (which I did), but I also managed to put in quite a few solid hours of stitching each evening.

The poppy is starting to POP!!

Just wait till I get some of the shading in there!! I'm so looking forward to seeing how well the detail and depth of colour stitches up. But before I get all caught up in the craziness of confetti stitching -- I'm going to work on the huge colour blocks of blue up at the top.


  1. This is very pretty. I love the shading of the blue. Good Luck with those confetti stitches. I have read nothing but complaints on those things. If I had to do them I think I would give up on the project all together.

    Enjoy your week.
    Jen :D

  2. It's beautiful Adrienne. I love the shades of blue in that. Gorgeous. Glad you got caught up on your schoolwork too!