Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Insomnia = Organization?

So I can't sleep right now, which sucks. I figure I may as well do something semi-productive.

Normally I organize my floss collection by winding them on bobbins and putting them in bobbin boxes. I have a bobbin box for each of my large projects (HSH, DQ, and Terra) plus one for floss not currently in use on a project. That's four big bobbin boxes!

The problem with this is that there is often a lot of colours that I need in multiple projects. I don't want multiple bobbins of the same colour, so I end up moving bobbins around a lot. I find it very irksome to need a colour, realize it's in a different project box, then have to go find the boxes and figure out which one it's in. So much stitchy time wasted!

I've been flipping between projects a little more often lately, so it's becoming more of a problem. Then I started thinking about UCJC (Ultimate Crazy January Challenge), where I'll have more projects then I have bobbin boxes, and my dilemma became more pressing. Once January is over, I'll have (um math in my head ... 31 + 4) 35 projects on the go! That'll be 13 projects that are strictly using DMC floss.

I needed a new system.

So, I reorganized all of my DMC into number order, which filled 2 and a bit bobbin boxes. It's a little cumbersome to have all the boxes beside me when I stitch, but at least I don't have to get up and search for bobbins anymore.

I need to do a little DMC shopping before January (I need 55 new floss colours), and that means the 3rd box will be almost full as well.


  1. I think bobbin boxes look so pretty though, I used to have mine by number bit I ended up not putting them away properly (slap wrists) so now I have it organised by colour and just check them. I have an advantage though in not having many bobbins.

  2. I do this too, I have so many projects on the go that I just have a Master set that I stitch with!

  3. I've been wondering how I will organize my floss too. Right now I have the skeins in floss bags with each project and some of them use the same colors, so I have to do the same thing by taking the floss away from something else. That's OK with 3-4 projects on the go... but 31?!!

  4. Oh I definitely do the same thing in that I have all my bobbins in one place and use them for all colors. Then I have a box where I have extra floss still in the DMC labels and a spreadsheet that lists all the DMC floss, an "X" next to the colors I have wound and then the number of extras of that color to the right of it. Oh gosh. That's a little obsessive, isn't it...

  5. Looks good! I have floss on bobbins in same boxes but I have box for every project. I stitch mostly HAEDs. For little projects I keep them in a clear plastic bag with zipper.

  6. 35 projects! Holy moly. :)

    I have all my DMC's in boxes, but only have 1 working box with threads since I mostly do 1 project at a time.

  7. I have a box for each project at the moment but I don't have many projects on the go at once. Only two actually :D Though I have a HAED and a JE fairy kitted up with their own little boxes. I love just looking at the colours they're so exciting :D