Saturday, September 15, 2012

Progress and Chaos

PROGRESS!!! Parking is working really well for me on Drama Queen. I can't seem to put this piece down, and I truly haven't been this excited about this project since I started it 16 months ago.

A few columns done (well, the blue part at least). Figured I would finish the top blue bits before starting on the red section.

Deceptive confetti-heavy bits.

And the chaos ... tons of colours and shading along the edges of the poppies, which means a chaotic mess of threads and needles. Thank goodness it isn't as difficult to stitch while parking as it looks.

I popped by my LNS today (I just HAPPENED to be in the area) and bought a few silken goodies for my giveaway. You can still enter on this post until Sept 22nd.

Somehow I managed to buy almost as many goodies for me while I was at it. LOL. What can I say? I love my HDF silks and I hate the thought that they are being discontinued. Gotta stock up while I can. :) The three on the left are for me, but the 4 lovelies on the right are for the giveaway.

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