Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Admitting Defeat?

When I started the Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 10 months ago, I thought it was a great opportunity to make myself stitch a bunch of the little projects that had been piling up in my stash drawer. Deciding on 31 projects was tough, and I threw in quite a few silly little kits, etc so that I could have more finishes.

What a mistake.

I have felt pressured to complete a bunch of projects that I really am not enjoying, just so I can say "I finished X number of projects." It's stupid. I'm wasting my precious stitchy time on things I really don't care about, don't know what I'll do with once I'm finished them, and that I've outgrown and simply don't like anymore.

So it all stops now.

I will no longer waste time finishing projects just to finish them. I'm going to stitch only on the projects I love and that I really want to complete and hang on my wall. So say goodbye to the Mill Hill ornament kits, the Imperial Pansy kit, and the Stained Glass Pansy. Available to good homes for free!

Now ... back to stitching something that excites me!


  1. You definitely should work on things just because you enjoy them, that's what this hobby is all about! Looking forward to more updates on what you want to work on!

  2. I agree only work on what you love. Life's too short and stashes are too huge to waste time on loveless stuff. It's not admitting defeat it's realising you were on the wrong path. But it's all good now!!! YAY!! xox

  3. Oooh if I didn't live in South Africa and postage, I would love to have had the mill hill ornament kits. But I am sure you will be much happier with your decision!

  4. Best to work on what you love...otherwise time drags on & you go nowhere!! Have fun :D

  5. Agreed!! I love seeing all the Crazy Challenge posts, and I actually have my own 'Overly Ambitious List', but I never participate on a numbers-only level. It matters not how many projects I finish, only that I love what I'm working on. Kudos to you for using your precious stitching time wisely!! Can't wait to see what comes next :)

  6. Good for you! I made a similar resolution last year, to stitch every cover kits from the mags I get because I hate them sitting in a box being "wasted". Unfortunately I don't like alot of them and there are things I'd rather stitch (like you found).
    So my resolution now is - stitch or giveaway!

  7. Hi Adrienne. I also agree with the others. If your not happy, don't stitch it. I would love to have any of the pieces that you don't want.


  8. So does this mean you're not joining Linda and me in the UCJC 2013? LOL! I really love how you organized your UCJC page and laughed at the "ABANDONED" term. Your Stained Glass Pansy is so beautiful and looks halfway done. Maybe you'll finish it some day. Don't give up hope!

  9. Heya Adrienne,
    I think you made a wise decision. There are only so many stitchy hours in our lifetime, and it would be too bad to ''waste'' them on projects we don't enjoy. I came to that same conclusion this Summer as I was working way too hard to finish a baby sampler for a friend, and as a result my mojo disappeared for weeks!
    Anyway, I always admired your stained glass pansy, and I would love to have the opportunity to finish it. Of course I'll pay for postage, as I live in Ireland. Give me a shout!

  10. I looked over your crazy challenge page. You are only abandoning 4 projects. Not bad. You have alot of finishes and made good progress on others. I would say you have had a successful year. Keep stitching on what you love. I look forward to your blog updates.

  11. Good on you for making your decision! I have some of my UFO's that I look at and feel guilty for not finishing. Maybe I should do the same as you?

    If any are still available I would be interested in the Mill Hill ornies?

    Happy stitching...it should be now...lol! xx