Monday, September 2, 2013

An unexpected happy dance

I went to visit my parents briefly this weekend and of course I took a few projects along with me. Mostly I did schoolwork, but I did find a few late night hours to put into stitching. Lo and behold, I made progress. A lot of progress!

So much progress, in fact, that Birds of a Feather by From Nancy's Needle, my very first counted canvas piece, was finished!

I am delighted with how it turned out though. And yes, I will stitch another canvas piece, but I've decided not to start something right away. I'd like to make some more progress on the size of my WIP pile before I start more projects (and there are already a few new planned starts in the pipeline).

I'd like to frame it and put it on the wall, but I'm undecided how I want it framed and what colour mats to put with it. Any suggestions? I think this one might require some prolonged thought before it goes to visit the framer.