Monday, December 30, 2013

Reviewing, planning, and goal setting

2013 was not my best year. It had some major lows (like the passing of my mom) and not many highs. For some reason, I had the forethought to not get involved in any blogland activities this past year - no TUSAL, no WIPocalypse - and I rarely remembered to participate in IHSW (International Hermit & Stitch Weekends). I did a decent job keeping up with my own blogging except for the first few months after mom passed.

When you look at my goals for 2013, it looks like I did a really good job (even though several of the goals were add-ons throughout the year).

My goals for 2013 were:
  • Complete 3 pages of Drama Queen 2 pages completed
  • Finish Cirque des Carreaux DONE
  • Finish Rules for Life DONE
  • Start & finish Metamorphosis (mini blue) DONE
  • Start & finish Frozen Flower DONE
  • Start & finish Metamorphosis (fire) DONE
  • Start & finish Birds of a Feather DONE
  • Start & finish Metamorphosis (tone on tone blue) DONE
  • Start Sunflower Bee STARTED
  • Start Ciara Blue STARTED
  • Start Baked Alaska STARTED
  • Start Evening in the Park
  • Finish Elizabeth
I managed to finish 13 stitchy projects and 2 crochet projects this year. There was a definite blue trend in my stitching in 2013 -- forshadowing perhaps? I was disappointed that I didn't manage to start Evening in the Park. I love this Chatelaine design and have had the materials for it all kitted up for months now.

For 2014, I've decided to join the Turtle Trot SAL hosted by BAP Attack. This SAL is intended to help make progress on some older projects. The rules are as follows:

1. You must have a blog, because you'll be posting links to it.
2. Pick 10 unfinished projects to work on.
3. Take a picture of them and make a blog post by the 10th of January.
4. Each month, by the 10th, post whatever progress pics you have.
5. Post a link to your progress post on BAP Attack's blog.

I'll post about my choices for this SAL in another post.

In general though, my goals for 2014 are:
  • Finish 3 pages of Drama Queen
  • Finish Elizabeth
  • Finish Welcome
  • Finish Wise Wisdom
  • Start & finish Damask Square
  • Start Eron the Wizard
  • Start Evening in the Park
  • Participate in "Turtle Trot SAL" each month
Here's hoping for a happier and stitchier New Year!


  1. You accomplished alot in 2013. I will enjoy reading your blog in 2014 to watch your progress. Wishing you the best in 2014.

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