Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fixing my Mojo

I'm still trying to find a solution to my crafty mojo problem -- more specifically, my stitching mojo problem. A dear friend suggested that a new start might be just the kick in the butt my mojo needs. She also suggested that I start a project I've had kitted up and ready to go for over a year now.

So I did. :)

I finally started my first Chatelaine - Evening in the Park. I love, love, love this design, and it took a while but I found the perfect fabric for it from Under the Sea Fabrics. I ordered the painfully expensive, but achingly lovely threadpack of silks and beads from European Cross Stitch.

One day it should look like this:

For right now, my start looks like this:

It's stitched on Ice Princess 32 ct opalescent lugana. I'm not loving using all the metallics at the moment, but it's looking good so far.

For the first time I'm using a magnifier while I stitch, because the hand-dyed fabric has tiny holes and the opalescent nature of the fabric splits the threads and makes it doubly difficult to see the proper holes. The stitches look pretty big under the magnifier, but when I look at it without, I can't believe how tiny the stitches are!

This piece is going to take a very long time.


  1. Perfect fix for your mojo I think! I look forward to your updates, I love this Chatelaine!

  2. It's a great start. My Gardens of London is currently a pretty looking blob too. Can't wait to see how you progress on it :)

  3. I know this will get your mojo back, it is one of my favorites!

  4. Hope your mojo stimulus works! I have a friend stitching this piece and itis really lovely in person! And you are right...that opalescent fabric can make the holes very difficult to see!

  5. What a beautiful start! Hope your mojo comes back soon :)

  6. Stunning! I hope this helps with your stitching mojo.
    Alicia xo