Monday, July 7, 2014

MMSC - Week 27

I'm still a one-day-a-week EPPer, but this week I managed to stitch things together!

Just 4 little diamonds, but it's enough to get me back on the stitching wagon again. Hoping this becomes more of a trend for the rest of the summer.

However, the more I think about these stars (I have one completed 6-point star here and then this is the start of my second), the more I think I need more stars. Maybe 4 in total for a good sized throw quilt? The stars are roughly 24" "square" and I could work it so each of the stars is slightly different. Hrmm … that's a lot more cutting, basting, and sewing than I had originally planned.

Why do I always tend to go big?

As always, I'm linking up with Jessica's Monday Morning Star Count at Life Under Quilts.


  1. love those colors together. you are so brave designing the overall size as you go lol.. I spend forever figuring out every square inch before I even pull out fabric lol.

  2. So beautiful and I tend to design as I go...which is odd since I plan everything else in my life :) I can't wait to see what you decide!

  3. I have been designing as I go on my most recent project too- which has been fun! Keep it up- even a little progress every week adds up to something!