Friday, October 10, 2014

I still stitch … really!

I have good intentions when it comes to blogging. I do! But since I have little time to craft, there isn't that much to post about right now.

I've only picked up my needle once in the past month, and that's only because I went to a stitchy night with my friends. I worked on one of the projects for the Turtle Trot (hosted by BAP Attack).

Welcome Sampler by Kincavel Krosses. It'll be done … one day. Maybe?


  1. Looks great Andrienne. Love the colors.


  2. Ooh, I love that green and purple floss :) Who needs to finish cross stitch projects anyway? They look really nice half done as well

  3. Of course it will, I believe in you. Love the colours in your thread too. xo Alicia