Sunday, August 2, 2015


I've always had a zillion projects on the go. I have WIPs and UFOs and a list of planned new starts that is longer than my arm. Somehow, finishes are a rarity.

Maybe I should be monogamous ...

Now I don't mean that I should be monogamous to one craft (that's just crazy talk!!), because I love cross stitching, English paper piecing, and knitting too much! I'd also love to crochet again, and learn how to quilt, and maybe start playing with dye. There are simply too many creative, crafty avenues to pursue.

But perhaps I should become more of a monogamist for each of my crafts; choose one of each type to focus on.

Over the last month I've worked on the blue Ardent shawl from the last post almost exclusively (with a few rows/rounds on the orange baby blanket and the pink pi shawl thrown in). I have seen massive progress. Not just from the start of the month to the end, but from day to day. I can SEE the change and it feels really good. I can see a finish in my future (a deadline does help with motivation).

I think I forgot how exciting a finish can be ...

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