Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Butterfly Forest (Dimensions - Gold Collection)

With my first completed piece of cross stitch under my belt, I decided to embark on a larger, more challenging project - a solidly stitched piece (10" x 16") that would be a gift to my mother. She adores butterflies and lives in a forest. I couldn't have picked a better pattern for her. It was the beginning of April 2010, and I had hopeful plans to finish the project in time to give it to my mom for Christmas. The race was on!

It doesn't look like much in the photo, but it was a big step for me in moving out of my cross stitching comfort zone. Before this, I had always used hoops (I liked the tension in the fabric that I could get from them), but this piece was too big for hoops. I need to move on and use a scroll frame so the work wouldn't get damaged as easily. I'd ended up with some gross dirt and grime on the front of my other finished piece, and was aiming to not repeat that problem on this larger project.

After six weeks, I had made substantial progress. My stitching even looked like something recognizable!

There was still so much more to do though. I wasn't used to doing such small amounts of one colour at a time. I was used to big chunks instead. I couldn't believe how much slower my stitching was now that I had to change colours all the time. I still have 5 more butterflies, 3 huge leaves and 2 more big chunks of flowers to do, plus the half stitch background!! It's hard to believe I'll ever finish.

A week later, more progress was made. One more butterfly down and another one started.

And now ... you're up to date on that project!

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