Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Twilight Angel (Dimensions - Gold Collection Petites)

Of course, since my main project is going to be a gift for my mother, I need a side project to work on at her place when I go to visit.

I decided to work on a smaller piece for myself. Twilight Angel is a 5" x 7" piece that has lots of fun beads, sequins, and charms to add to the design once I'm done. I spent a lot of time looking for an angel pattern that wasn't particularly religious and didn't have glowing halos or little chubby babies in it. This one suits me perfectly.

So far I've only gotten the top layer of her skirt done. I think it'll look better once it starts to actually look like something. The floss I received in my kit seems much more purple then the picture in the link shows, but that might even out with time and more stitching.

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