Saturday, June 26, 2010

Butterfly Update 3 (or ... I hate confetti)

Progress on the butterfly forest has slowed to a crawl. Partly because I was traveling for school and working on my angel project, but also because the section I was working on was full of confetti. I hate confetti. I didn't know until I did this section that I hate confetti, but I hate it. A lot!

Confetti -- for those who don't know -- refers to scattered single stitches on a design. The stitches are spread across the fabric as if they had been sprinkled like confetti.

I was working on the purple flower bunches near the bottom of the design, which had 10 different colours in them. Most of those colours were blended in the needle, and all were varying shades of purple. At the start the blocks of colour were larger, maybe 20-25 stitches grouped together, but as I moved through the colours, the groupings got smaller and smaller and farther apart. By the end I was literally doing single stitches of a colour. It was tedious, labour intensive, and it felt like I would never finish. Two nights in a row I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning trying to finish and they seemed never-ending. It took much, much longer to finish then I had anticipated, but I finished them!!

Overall the piece is coming along well, but it still feels like I have a ton to do. If the solid stitching doesn't kill me, the backstitching might. :P

Here's the piece to date:

Still to do: A flower and some leaves in the lower right corner, 2 more butterflies up top, and then oodles and oodles of backstitch.

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