Thursday, March 10, 2011

Walk in for one thing, walk out with something else entirely

I popped by my LNS today, not really for any reason in particular, just to poke around and look at the new things that had come in and ask about some beads I'd ordered.

After checking out the latest patterns, I headed straight for the hand-dyed fabrics and accidently found a great light brown 28 ct linen. Now I don't really like working with linen, but the colouring on this piece just called to me. So I picked it up (along with another piece that I liked, but not as much) and wandered over to the wall of thread. Specifically, I headed to the varigated HDF silks. Oh man I love silks ... they are beyond lovely! Next thing I know I was tossing silks onto my fabric and ideas for a project flooded my brain.

This is what I ended up with ...

If you recall, a few months ago I stitched an Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks design of a tree for my brother. Well, ever since I've wanted to stitch it again but in autumn colours. I think this might become another family heirloom. This time I'll give it to my mom, as those colours will suit her house perfectly. I plan to stitch it over 1 as well; it'll be a tiny tree!

1 comment:

  1. Oh they look gorgeous!

    I don't have that problem as I don't have a LNS near really, but I do find that things have a habit of falling into my basket without me planning on them, when I'm shopping on the internet! LOL.

    Looks forward to seeing this stitched up, the colours will look lovely on that fabric.