Monday, September 12, 2011

Drama Queen - 2 down, 14 to go

The last few weeks when I've been working on Drama Queen has almost made me mental. The confetti is SO heavy, and while it looks great, it is exhausting and frustrating to work on. But late last night I got the urge to make the final push (and I almost succeeded).

There is one stitch left to do on page 1. (I'm waiting to stitch it because there is quite a bit of that colour on page 5.) I have 29 stitches left to do on page 2. (Most of which is confetti, which I just don't have the energy to tackle right now.) And I've put in almost 500 stitches onto page 5! (I decided to move to page 5 instead of page 3 because it looks a little less confetti heavy, and I need a page where I can make good progress for a while.) In total I have stitched 11,244 (or 14.27%) of the entire piece.

This is a close-up of the poppy. Here you can see some of the intricate confetti and the range of colours I get to use. There's purple in the centre of that flower!! Go figure!

During a confetti break last night, I made a quick card for a friend of mine who had a rough week last week. It's simple but I love the elegant lines of it. I might have to make a small pile of these, I like them that much. The stamp is from a new set I got from Denami Designs. They are lovely to work with! I wouldn't mind more stamps from there in the future.


  1. Great progress on Drama Queen. Love the close up pic, I can really see all the confetti.
    And another gorgeous card!

    I noticed you put HSH into your UFO list :(
    When will you get back to stitching it? I loved watching your progress :)

    Happy Stitching!

  2. I won't be working on HSH agin until Drama Queen is done. DQ has a deadline, and I'm already behind schedule. Don't worry though, because HSH is for me, and it will hang on my wall eventually!!

  3. Drama Queen looks great, Adrienne. All the confetti is well worth it.

    Love the card.... I'm sure your friend felt very loved when she received it.