Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Proper Try

I started learning how to crochet about a week ago -- a crochet-a-long (CAL) on Maybe Matilda's blog prompted me to give it a go. I used some grey worsted wool for my practice piece, mainly because it easily allowed me to see the stitches and what it was exactly I was doing.

The CAL is using a pattern for a cowl from Lion Brand Yarn, but since I dislike cowls and wouldn't ever wear one, I decided I had to give something more my style a try.

I fell in LOVE with the Bobble Baby Blanket that Maybe Matilda made. So, I did a little digging, a little research, and I concocted my own Bobble Scarf pattern. I emailed it to Maybe Matilda and she was a dear and helped me make sure it was viable.

And away I went ...

So far I have 3 inches crocheted. I'm using a bamboo yarn from Bernat that is simply gorgeous! It's soft and supple and so ... so ... touchable! It's going to make an awesome scarf! I'm so excited about it!


  1. Well done! It is fun to learn something new and this is looking great. Love the bobbles and bamboo yarn is just so soft and yummy.

  2. Lovely!!! I'm addicted to crochet as much as stitching ;))))

  3. Very pretty!!! I love the little bumps and the colors are gorgeous.

  4. Very nice. I can't crochet at all as I keep taking the wrong loop off the hook. It's frustrating, lol. I've finally given up. But it looks like you've got it down. Your scarf is looking great!!

  5. Oooo Good for you! Crochet is great when you really get the hang of it. There are so many great projects for crochet. It can get quite addicting. Your start here looks great. I love these colors. Hopefully you have a specialty knitting store where you live. You wouldn't believe how much beautiful yarn there is out there to use.

    Keep it up! Next stop....knitting! :D


  6. Wow that is a gorgeous pattern and that yarn looks scrumptious!