Monday, February 13, 2012

Drama Queen - A proper page finish

Several months ago, I almost finished page 5, but I left 40 or 50 stitches of pure confetti hell for a later time. I really did need a break from such a confetti-heavy, complicated piece. So I tackled page 6 and it's gigantic chunks of red.

I haven't touched Drama Queen since the end of November.

This week, I finally had the energy to stitch DQ again, and so I took advantage of that energy by tackling the unfinished confetti on page 5 and working on some of the white/off white stitching on page 6.

The confetti is so strange to stitch because the colours (when they are in your needle) seem to make no sense - reds, browns, purples, blues, greens - all blend together to make the picture come alive.

It is slow, painstaking work, but I'm glad I have a real finish on page 5 finally (and 84% done page 6). I need another break now ... LOL.


  1. It's looking so pretty. The colours are gorgeous and the piece will be stunning once it's finished.

  2. Looks beautiful! Confetti is a funny thing. I'm always thinking "oh man, this is going to look so bad" while I'm stitching it and then it... just doesn't look bad! :)

  3. gorgeous finish :D of a page at least.