Friday, March 9, 2012

March WIPocalypse

I must say I'm sorry -- I've been MIA for a few weeks now. Mostly it's because I haven't really done any stitching. :( I've been suffering quite badly from stress headaches, and so what little painfree free time I've had has been spent on less strenuous endeavours.

Alright, time for a few updates!

First off, my WIPocalypse update for March. I spent a few hours at the end of February on Oh, Bugger (one of my UCJC pieces designed by Kincavel Krosses). Not a ton of progress, but it's something!

The majority of my time lately has been spent on a new crochet project. It's a Baby Bobble Blanket for a friend who's expecting her first baby later in April. I'm about halfway done the main part of the blanket (only another 12-14 inches to go), then I will add a white/cream ruffley border to finish it off.

I've actually really enjoyed this project. It's travelled all over southern Ontario with me and has been a joy to work on. Very low concentration, low stress! Plans for my next project (a full-sized blanket) are underway.


  1. Hello

    Just found your blog and became a follower.

    I like your stitching WIP it made me smile.

    Your crochet blanket looks lovely. Lucky baby!
    I like to crochet too.

  2. I love the color for the baby blanket, it looks so snuggly and warm!

  3. I hope your headaches go away soon! That baby blanket looks DARLING! I'm sure your friend will appreciate it very, very much.

  4. I hope you are headache free! I understand what its like to have headache hangover! Hope you have more stitching time in the coming weeks!

  5. I hope you feel better and ready for stitching soon! The blanket looks adorable. A handmade gift is the best!