Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gone Parking

I don't know why, but after I put down Drama Queen last time, I got all weirded out and intimidated by parking. I couldn't make myself pick it up again. (I'm goofy, I know.) Anywho, after far too long a break (more than a month), I got back into parking and DQ is now zooming along! (Well, relatively speaking that is ... hehe.)

I have now completed 1/3 (or 33.23%) of the pattern. This translates into 25,674 stitches so far.

I like the above photo because it does a decent job of showing the true colours of this piece. Parking is chaotic but effective.

I like close-ups! Showing off some of the confetti intensity and the crazy parking!


  1. Great progress, it looks lovely!!

  2. Very impressive!!!
    I tried the parking method but got myself all confused, lol. I'm convinced it's the way to go if you can though.

  3. Good for you for picking it up again! It's going to be gorgeous. Wow! 25,000+ stitches and only one-third done!?

  4. Drama Queen looks great. Looking at all those threads and needles makes me dizzy. lol Probably another reason I could never do a HAED.

    Adrienne. Thank you so much for the little kit and floss. I love it.


    1. Hi Linda!

      I'm glad it arrived quickly. Please enjoy the kit!!