Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TUSAL Time, Parking Progress, and More Charts

It's TUSAL time again! My mason jar of orts is getting incredibly full. I keep having to squish them down to make room.

This month there is a bunch of blue silk in there from ripping out the lettering from my NATO Subversive Sampler (which I replace with purple silk). On top of that are a ton of reds from Drama Queen.

Speaking of Drama Queen, I finally have a page finish!!

This was by far the most stress-free and enjoyable page I have done on this project so far. Parking is definitely the answer for me when it comes to complex, confetti-heavy projects. Now I just have to decide if I work on page 7 (the one below the page I just finished, which is more poppies and confetti) or page 4 to finish the top row (which is mostly blocky background). I'm leaning towards page 4, because I might just get another page finish in before the end of December this way.

Shamefully, I must admit to purchasing a few more HAED charts during the 50% off sale. I don't know what I was thinking, or when I'll ever get around to stitching all of these charts. Oh my goodness my stashpile is huge!! Here's what I just couldn't live without ...

China Lake (Gordon Fitchett)

Ice Palace (Ciro Marchetti)

Magikal Moment in Time (Ciro Marchetti)

I resisted buying Marchetti charts for so long, but I caved -- now I'm in trouble!


  1. Drama Queen is gorgeous! I vote for page 4, too. I'm sure you'll finish it by December. You bought more wonderful charts!

  2. hello Adrienne!

    I have a tusal here:



  3. Drama Queen is looking great. I love the new HAEDS you got. Sure wish I could stitch on higher count fabric. Oh well, I just watch everyone elses progress. Have fun with them.


  4. Your page finish is great. I am sure you will manage another one before the year is out.

  5. Great TUSAL, great progress on Drama Queen, and love your new Stash!

  6. Great progress on Drama Queen!!! New stash should keep you busy for years :D

  7. Wow you did get a lot done on your poppies! Looks great!