Saturday, December 29, 2012

Final WIPocalypse of 2012

Well, I survived - both the "real" apocalypse and WIPocalypse. Hard to believe it's been a year already.

Let's see how I did on my WIPocalypse goals ...

My WIP list for 2012:
Tree of Stitches DONE
Drama Queen (2 pages) 1 1/3 pages completed
Music Montage DONE
Crazy January Challenge
         - finish all ornaments/smalls DONE 
         - finish 3 medium projects DONE

Not too shabby!! I really didn't change my list much over the course of the year. I did start off saying I wanted to complete all 12 ornaments/smalls from UCJC, but I abandoned several of those projects in October and sent them to new homes to be completed. I believe I finished 8 of the 12 smalls. I finished my Tree of Stitches earlier in the year, then did a second one at the beginning of December. (I should have added that one to the list!)

The only thing I didn't do great on was Drama Queen. I admit I struggled to finish the fourth page, but once I switched to parking - wow what a difference! The page and a third I did finish (and count) for this challenge were all done since the end of August. Very fast compared to the other pages. The page I'm working on now is blissfully free of confetti, so I zoomed through the third of a page in a week!

Here's how Drama Queen looks now:

Finishing things feels good, but I've discovered this past year, through all the challenges I participated in, that I don't like feeling pressured when I stitch. Thank goodness the world isn't expected to end in 2013 - my stitchy fingers couldn't handle it!!

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  1. Drama queen looks greats. I've decided to try parking on my HAED too. Constantly tying off in the confetti areas was a pain! I made it through one page of my HAED and I figured I needed to try a new method or else it will never get finished in my lifetime.

    Enjoy your weekend. :)