Thursday, November 29, 2012

November WIPocalypse

I didn't work on any of my WIPocalypse goals lately.

I spent the last week or so stitching on Catch a Falling Star (HAED), but since I already reached my 1 page goal on it. These are just bonus stitches...

Then, because I don't have enough things on the go, I started something new. Can you guess what it might be?

Fingers crossed I can get it done (but not framed) by Christmas. It's for my mom.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Completed My Heart

Another finish!! This makes 17 of 27 completed for my UCJC.

I took Austrian I Heart by Bleu de Chine with me while I travelled for school, and managed to complete it the day after I got home. :)

While I love the pattern and the finished piece, I think I've had enough of variegated thread for a while. It requires more thought then it's worth sometimes.

I was going to pull out Cirque des Carreaux and put some time into that, but instead I think I'll work on something non-variegated. :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TUSAL Time, Parking Progress, and More Charts

It's TUSAL time again! My mason jar of orts is getting incredibly full. I keep having to squish them down to make room.

This month there is a bunch of blue silk in there from ripping out the lettering from my NATO Subversive Sampler (which I replace with purple silk). On top of that are a ton of reds from Drama Queen.

Speaking of Drama Queen, I finally have a page finish!!

This was by far the most stress-free and enjoyable page I have done on this project so far. Parking is definitely the answer for me when it comes to complex, confetti-heavy projects. Now I just have to decide if I work on page 7 (the one below the page I just finished, which is more poppies and confetti) or page 4 to finish the top row (which is mostly blocky background). I'm leaning towards page 4, because I might just get another page finish in before the end of December this way.

Shamefully, I must admit to purchasing a few more HAED charts during the 50% off sale. I don't know what I was thinking, or when I'll ever get around to stitching all of these charts. Oh my goodness my stashpile is huge!! Here's what I just couldn't live without ...

China Lake (Gordon Fitchett)

Ice Palace (Ciro Marchetti)

Magikal Moment in Time (Ciro Marchetti)

I resisted buying Marchetti charts for so long, but I caved -- now I'm in trouble!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gone Parking

I don't know why, but after I put down Drama Queen last time, I got all weirded out and intimidated by parking. I couldn't make myself pick it up again. (I'm goofy, I know.) Anywho, after far too long a break (more than a month), I got back into parking and DQ is now zooming along! (Well, relatively speaking that is ... hehe.)

I have now completed 1/3 (or 33.23%) of the pattern. This translates into 25,674 stitches so far.

I like the above photo because it does a decent job of showing the true colours of this piece. Parking is chaotic but effective.

I like close-ups! Showing off some of the confetti intensity and the crazy parking!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stitching and Stash!

My ability to focus hasn't been that great lately, so I've been jumping from project to project. So I have lots of little updates.

First up ... I pulled out a UCJC project that I hadn't touched since I started it in January. I put in 50 or 60 stitches, then got bored. Anyway, my meager progress on SK Oriental Courage (HAED):

Then I pulled out Cirque des Carreaux again (I just love stitching this one!) and did 1/4 - 1/2 a page of stitching.

After trying (in vain) to find a blue silk that matched nicely with the variegated silk I had originially used in my NATO Subversive Sampler (Kincavel Krosses), I gave up and settled on a purple silk that doesn't quite match, but is as close as I can get. It certainly looks 100% better than the 2 or 3 blue options I had (and 1000% better than the original blue I'd used).

In my attempts to find the right blue silk (and because I needed another skein of Hearts on Fire for my Austrian I heart project), I ordered a bunch of gorgeous silks from Carrie's Creations.

From left to right they are: Electric Blue, Foxfire, Graphite, Plum Passion, Slate Blue, and Purple Pansy.

And finally, I am a sucker for HAED sales. During the 35% Hallowe'en sale, I bought the following charts:
Dark Angel


 Soul of the Masai Mara

Mini Asian Fantasy 3

I have more in my cart because of the 50% sale, but I haven't committed to anything yet.