Friday, February 1, 2013

Infintesimal Progress & Hardanger Stash

I put in a few hours on Drama Queen this past week, and while I didn't get loads done, progress was made! I'm hoping for a page finish before the end of February.

I tried to resist, but I failed ... I joined in on the Mystery Hardanger SAL over at Mabel Figworthy's Fancies. I've decided to split the 12 monthly designs up into groups of 4 and do them as pillows for my nieces in their favourite colours.

I just picked up the necessary stash for the first pillow (4 designs) - DMC 797, 799, and white.

Now to find time to do it! It's been a year since I last tried hardanger, and while I do enjoy it since it's so quick, it does take a little more concentration than regular cross stitching.

I also have two more unplanned new starts in the works. I'm hoping to start one of them tonight when I go for a stitchy evening at a friend's place. Updates will be forth coming. :)


  1. Moving right along on Drama Queen. Keep the updates coming! I love the blue/white combo you've chosen for your Hardanger pretty! What lucky girls your nieces are :)

  2. Drama Queen is coming along beautifully! I love these striking colours :)