Monday, April 29, 2013

A Gift About Change

A few weeks ago one of my good friends successfully defended her PhD dissertation. She is finally a doctor! :)

In celebration and recognition of her achievement, I stitched a gift for her -- Metamorphosis by Ink Circles.

As she unwrapped it, I told her the name of the design and explained that it was meant to mark the subtle but significant changes doctoral students go through as they make their way through the ups and downs of a PhD. Then I explained that I had stitched it in shades of blue because that colour embodies the calm, cool, and graceful manner with which she carries herself as a person and a scholar.

There were definitely lots of waterworks and hugs. Simply put, she loved it. Giving a gift like that and seeing how much it was appreciated made my heart sing.


  1. Wow what a fantastic gift. It was so well thought out, and I love the meaning behind it. Congrats to your friend for such an amazing achievement.
    Alici xo

  2. Such a wonderful gift! No wonder there were waterworks!