Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Frames, a finish, and some stash

As part of my UCJC, I'm trying to finish one small ornament-sized piece a month. It's halfway through the month and I only just realized I hadn't worked on an ornament-sized piece yet! So, I got to work. And here is my eighth finish for the Ultimate Crazy January Challenge:

This is Carolyn's Garden Sunflower by Serendipity Designs. I'm normally not a fan of anything yellow, but this design reminds me of my trip to Europe last summer, where I got to see field upon field full of big, beautiful sunflowers as I rode the train through the Italian countryside. It was stunning to see!

I also picked up a few of my finished projects from the framer.

Christmas Snow:

Tree of Stitches:

I think they both look divine!! I love the simple framing and the custom stain/paint that my framer does for me. He's wonderful!

And of course, the dear owners of my LNS actually listen to me when I wistfully say, "Oh I'd love to have that design. I should order it." A few of these patterns came in finally, and I picked them up. (Seriously though, do I really need more patterns?!?)

Plum Pudding by Glendon Place and Love - Quaker Style by AuryTM:

Warrior and Paladin by Firewing Designs:


  1. Beautiful finish! And your framing looks great. New stash is always awesome.

  2. Like the Sunflower.
    The framed pieces look great.
    Like the patterns especially the Dragon ones.

  3. Congrats on the finish and the framing. They turned out great. Love the new stash.