Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pockets of Progress

This Ultimate Crazy January Challenge has completely ruined my ability to focus on a single piece for an extended period of time. 3 to 4 days seems to be the absolute maximum before I just have to switch out my projects.

So I end up with a little bit of progress on a bunch of pieces. This update features two projects that haven't seen the light of day since I started them in January.

I Stitch Therefore I Stash (pattern from Cross Stitch Crazy):

I have decided that I am not a huge fan of stitching with variegated threads. I don't love the blocky/streaky look, and I find that my stitches don't lay as well when I have to do one stitch at a time.

QS Blue Butterfly (HAED):

I'd gotten used to stitching over 2 on a lot of my other UCJC projects, so it took a bit to get back into stitching over 1. I will admit that my love affair with HAEDs has waned. I still love the projects I'm doing and will eventually finish them all, but I like having other types of projects on the go as well. There are just too many patterns in the world that I am dying to stitch.


  1. You're so right Adrienne! Too many patterns that we're dying to stitch. Right now, am fighting so hard not to open another cross stitch kit....

  2. I have that problem too, Adrienne. So many patterns, so little time... And so many things that are calling to me. I have ten WIPs, ten UFOs, and four SALs on the go, and want to start more!!! Are we all crazy, lol??? Your projects look beautiful. I don't think the stitches lay quite as nicely, but no one will notice it but you!!

  3. Haha the story of a stitcher's life, I think. So many patterns to do! I'm thoroughly convinced that I will live long enough to do them all. I must!