Sunday, January 6, 2013

Frustration and another new start

So I started working on QS Mystic Garden for the HAED BB SAL. I'm parking, which I've really enjoyed when working on DQ, but it isn't working for me on this piece. There's almost too much confetti! And with no other pages around it, there isn't anything to anchor your threads on, so it's all just a big ugly mess! Three days and I've not even stitched 100 stitches on it. Bleh. I'm taking a break from it for a bit, but I might have to try cross country on it for a while and see how that goes. Need to get a different coloured washable pen though. Blue on blue isn't too useful.

To calm me down and make stitching fun again, I started another new (and very easy) project.

Look familiar? I'm stitching Metamorphosis by Ink Circles again. This time it's being stitched 1 over 1 on 28 ct white lugana using DMC threads. Instead of the more primitive/Quakery colours of the original, this one is being done in blue ombre. It is so little and cute! The solid coloured thread makes this design a breeze to stitch. Can't believe I got almost the entire first motif done, and I only stitched for a couple hours today. Smoking needles, indeed!


  1. I am also in the BB Sal and as its my first HAED I tried parking. All the threads got tangled and irritated me. So now I just sort of do cross country on a very small scale.

  2. Your new Ink Circles design looks amazing with blue shades.

  3. Another great start Adrienne. Don't give up on your HAED.


  4. You chose a very pretty color for your new start. I love the matching Q-Snap cover, too!

  5. great stitching :D I find that a mix between parking and cross country works when they have a bit of confetti.