Saturday, January 5, 2013

Half page progess & a new start

Okay ... I'll admit it ... I'm cheating a little here on the progress. A good chunk of this half page on Drama Queen was done in the last few days of December 2012, but, I finished the half page in January 2013, so I'm going to count it as this year's progress. :)

I'm trying to stich on a rotation, kind of, so now that half a page of DQ is done, I'm starting QS Mystic Garden (for the HAED BB SAL) and I'm going to try to do a 1/4 page before I switch out projects.

My start:

This is stitched 1 over 1 full x's on 25 ct Night Magic lugana (Sassy's Fabbys). I am gridding, but my washable pen is blue, so it's a little hard to see. I might have to go find a purple one.


This is crazy confetti, so we'll see if I last through a 1/4 page.


  1. Holy Cow that's a lot of confetti...good luck!! :)

  2. Great progress on Drama Queen. Have fun with your new start.


  3. Drama Queen is gorgeous! I can barely see the marking pen marks on QS Mystic Garden! Will the design be full coverage?