Thursday, January 24, 2013

Metamorphosis Progress

My stitchy time is severely limited this month, so progress is slow, but I do have a little bit to share. I've finished the first four motifs on mini Metamorphosis (Ink Circles).

I've actually finished a little bit more, but it's back on the q-snap and I'm too lazy to take it off for another picture.

Aren't the blues pretty?

Surprisingly, I'm getting bored working on such a simple pattern and I'm craving a little HAED confetti. But I really should finish this one sooner rather than later, so I'll keep at it for a little longer.

I've also done another stupid thing (stupid as in I don't need more things on my to do list, not that the thing I am talking about is stupid). I joined a hardanger SAL over at Mabel Figworthy's Fancies. A bunch of people on the forum I frequent ( joined in (it started January 1st) and the progress pics I've been seeing have been just lovely! For an extremely reasonable £3, you get access to a new hardanger design on the 1st of every month for the entire year.

Long time readers of my blog might remember that I first tried hardanger a year ago as one of my starts for my Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2012. Mabel's designs are very pretty and the instructions are wonderful - even for a complete novice like me! That one turned out beautifully.

While I resisted as long as I could, it was inevitable that I'd cave and join. I don't know why I try to kid myself. Anywho, the January pattern is now in my hot little hands and I just need to pop over to my LNS and pick up some fabric and threads. This is another reason I want to finish Metamorphosis ASAP -- I want to work on some hardanger!

Another update might just be right around the corner!


  1. Metamorphosis is looking very pretty:)

  2. Metamorphosis looks beautiful! I just received my floss for this chart (the original colours called for), and I was surprised at how dark they are. I really like how you've done it this time around!

  3. Metamorphosis looks wonderful! I'm sure you'll be speeding right through it so you can get started on your new Hardanger piece!

  4. Metamorphis looks great and I look forward to your new SAL and the adventures it will bring you and your scissors.

  5. Your stitching is looking great :)

  6. gorgeous stitching :D I love the shades of blue in this one.