Thursday, July 18, 2013

A lady and a lapghan

My focus recently seems to be on just 3 pieces, and I rotate between them frequently.

I've added quite a bit to Elizabeth ... more pinky-purple skirt and a little more of her black bodice.

I have also made a ton of progress on my lapghan (even after ripping out a round and a half). I only have 4 rounds of dark green to go! It needs some serious blocking though.

I developed what I'm calling "crochet finger" which means that the index finger on my left hand has gotten sore from holding up the lapghan and maintaining my stitch tension. So no more marathon crochet sessions for me; I can only do a 1/4 round at a time before the aching sets in. :(


  1. Both pieces are looking great.


  2. It must be fun to stitch the pretty pink and purple on Elizabeth. Be careful with that "crochet finger" as you don't want it to slow down your stitching!