Sunday, March 2, 2014

Filigree Progress

I have not done much cross stitching lately … my bug has gone on a bit of a hiatus. Last night I pulled out my blackwork project. I find blackwork funny -- sometimes the progress is at breakneck speed and sometimes it is slower than a snail. The part I'm working on now is moving like a snail. :)

The filigree is very pretty but it takes forever to stitch. I don't seem to have a lot of patience with this bit, so I only do a little at a time before I put the piece away again. I'm trying to think of ways to make this part less painful ...


  1. I think you are doing it the right way. Just pull it out when you feel like it otherwise it will be a chore and it will fall into the UFO pile. It's really beautiful and I hope you find your stitching mojo soon, especially for this piece as it's stunning.
    Alicia xo

  2. Sooo pretty.
    What helped me with stitching something I didn't enjoy much is not allowing myself to think I didn't like it much or to think about how slow it goes or any thought whatsoever about what I was stitching. But to just sit down and stitch. No thoughts. And the moment will come when it's done.
    But don't think about that! ;)