Thursday, March 13, 2014

I made something!!

And by something I mean something unusual (for me) and crafty that doesn't involve cross stitch or crochet (these are the only crafty hobbies I have that I actually manage to finish projects in, everything else is just hopes and dreams at this point).

I made this … with my own little hands and borrowing the basic idea from here.

Except I didn't have a super adorable bowl to stuff it into. And the cute-from-a-distance green flannel looks rather atrocious close up. Oh well, I like it!

I did learn a few things from whipping up this pincushion. 1) Sergers are not good on curves. 2) The ladder stitch is kind of awesome. 3) All the buttons and doo-dads I bought in my previous life as a papercrafter do come in handy eventually. 4) It helps to have multiple hobbies and multiple stashes when it comes to late-night crafting. 5) I really should learn to sew ... with a machine. Like the one collecting dust on the dresser in my room, cause that's where sewing machines should be kept, right?

At least I found a use for some of the pearle cotton I have laying around.

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