Saturday, May 31, 2014

Finally Some Stitchin'

I've been working on Ciara Blue--my blackwork project--lately. I was getting frustrated with it before because the filigree border I'm working on now is complicated, tedious, mind-numbing, and never-ending. No matter how many hours in an evening I put into it, it feels like I've gotten nowhere. As a result, I stopped working on it as often.

I needed a new way to get excited about it. (Don't get me wrong, I adore this piece. It's beautiful. But stitching it is not all fun right now.) I finally decided to do something drastic! I started on the next border. I know!! Crazy, eh? It feels weird to go out of order, to start one when the previous border isn't complete, but it's the only thing making this bearable at the moment. Two lengths of pretty aqua thread for every one length of black. The new border I started on is kind of slow going as well, but it's a simple, straightforward border that does show progress after an evening's work. Plus I get to work with the pretty coloured silk--that always makes things better.

Even the filigree border is making a tiny bit of progress. I'll be thrilled when that border is done. I have a feeling I'll have to have multiple borders going for the rest of this project. There are other areas of tedium ahead.

At least it's pretty!


  1. Well you are over half way through the black border now so clearly your method is working!