Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Back to Basics

Back in March and April I was very busy and struggling to do much crafting at all. I just did not have the time or concentration to work on some of my more complicated projects. So, I started making dishcloths.

Also, there was a sale at Michael's on cotton yarn.

Which sparked the idea to make a "flower" dishcloth (aka The Almost Lost Dishcloth). I had to figure out how to do short rows (without a wrap and turn), so it wasn't a totally mindless knit.

Once I was done knitting, it sat unfinished for quite a while, until I finally taught myself how to kitchener garter stitch (not that I'd ever kitchener'd stockinette before either)... and voila!

This was followed by several more straightforward dishcloths in varying sizes. This pattern is the Corrugated Cloth.

Regular size - 40 stitch CO
Mini size - 25 stitch CO
I've also given a few others away without taking pictures of them. Think I might need to cast on another one ...


  1. Nice!!! Lovely bin of cotton as well :-)

  2. Ooh, you've got so many yarn! Love love love seeing stash on a clear storage, lol. But of course, loving it more seeing wonderful beautiful projects come to life such as those. Have fun:)