Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Still Stitching?

I haven't totally abandoned cross stitching. Really! I haven't!

I just haven't had the time or focus to work on anything, plus I've been a little in love with knitting. Thanks to my stitchy friends though I am occasionally forced to stitch, which reminds me how much I do love it!

Over the course of a weekend retreat in February and a stitchy night in April, I made a little progress on a few things.

I've made a fair bit of progress on Stitchin' Pretty Waffles by Pattie Bennett:

And a tiny bit of progrss on my Welcome sign by Kincavel Krosses:

Even though I have barely stitched in the last year, I certainly haven't let that stop me from adding to my stash. I blame this on my friend Caroline. (Check out her blog here. She's full of crafty goodness!) She's been working on the pattern Amtrak by Sampler Cove Designs for a while and it is LOVELY! So I finally bought it and the floss I want to use (some gorgeous Dinky Dyes silk). Still need to decide on fabric though ... and a start date.