Sunday, October 23, 2011

Call me an idiot ... it's okay.

I know that I'm busy. I know that I have far too many hobbies and nowhere near enough time to spend on them. I also know that I have more stitching stash then I know what to do with, and a lot of it is tucked carefully away because I have so many huge projects on the go.

So what do I do? I sign up to participate in the 2012 Crazy January Challenge, of course!

This challenge has participants starting a new project every day for the first 15 days in January 2012. The aim is to try to finish all 15 projects by the end of 2012. I've created a page on my blog JUST to help track my progress -- click here to check out what's on my "to do" list. Kitting up and starting all these projects will be fun, but trying to finish them all will be very difficult, especially since I already have several huge projects on the go. We'll see what happens ...

As an added incentive, I've also signed up for the 2012 WIPocalypse (click here for details). This challenge is based on the idea that the world will end in 2012, so participants are trying to finish their WIPs (works in progress) before the end comes.

I'm an idiot -- I know.


  1. I signed up for the WIPocaplypse, but I'm passing on the 2012 Crazy Challenge since I already have way too many WIPs. Good luck!

  2. Aw, you are just ambitious! :D lol

  3. Well I guess that makes me half idiot then! I have signed up for WIPocalypse too. Personally I prefer Bec's 'ambitious'

    Good luck with them both!

  4. I thought of signing up for the January challenge... but most of my stash is HAED and I feel like that would be suicidal... So WIPocalypse it is!