Saturday, October 29, 2011

Confetti Break!

The confetti intensity on Drama Queen is getting to me. Progress is SO SLOW ... I'm losing my mind. I decided I needed a break from confetti, but I needed to keep making progress on DQ, so I started on page 6. There is a TON of 666 to stitch -- big beautiful chunks of it!

And so, here is my confetti break progress:

Page 5 only has another 300 or so stitches to go, and I've already stitched almost 1,000 on page 6. In total I've stitched almost 17,000 and the piece is 22% complete. Yay!


  1. Its looking great! I think confetti stitches would me insane too. Glad you were able to find another section to stitch so you could take a break from them. :)


  2. Your drama queen looks great! Good luck with all the confetti stitching.

  3. It's looking great the confetti will make it look awesome!

  4. I know how you feel about the confetti. Sometimes it is just nicer to go onto the next page, especially with a deadline looming.
    I love how bright and bold the flowers are. 666 is a great colour lol.
    This will look stunnin when it is finished. Keep stitching! :)