Friday, July 30, 2010

Butterfly Update 6

It feels like I haven't posted an update on this project in ages, and yet I feel like I've been working on it like a maniac. The half stitch background is taking much longer than I had anticipated, but it's coming along. You can even kind of tell it's a forest now.

Since I intensely dislike doing backstitch, I decided I should do it as I go instead of waiting to do all of it at the end. I think I'd never finish it if I left it all. (That's what happened to my angel which is sitting and collecting dust at the moment. Stupid backstitching with metallic threads!) Anyway, no matter how much I hate doing backstitch, it certainly makes a profound difference on the piece. Look how much more the butterflies pop!

And close up:


  1. Very very beautiful!!! :D I love it very much!! Happy stitching my dear friend! :) And I agree that the butterflies pop beautifully!

  2. The butterflies are gorgeous! I love the colors in them, just perfect. I agree the backstitch makes them pop a lot more! You are doing a fantastic job!