Sunday, July 25, 2010

Confessions of a stash addict

I know that I already have enough stash to last me YEARS, but that doesn't seem to stop me from browsing (and often buying) even more charts. On a whim today, I googled "fractals" and poked around the web looking at these designs.

I love fractals. Maybe because there is simplicity and complexity in them at the same time, maybe because I love the colours, maybe I don't quite know why, but I love them.

I came across a wonderful site, Cross Stitch Collectibles, that has mostly classic art, florals, landscapes, those kinds of designs in cross stitch, but they also had a huge selection of fractals. It was all I could do not to buy half a dozen charts.

Some of my favourites:

Let's see how long I hold out before I buy a few ...

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