Friday, August 17, 2012

August TUSAL & Music Montage Update 2

It's TUSAL time again, and I'm actually on time for once. Amazing!

You can see loads of white silk from when I last worked on Rules For Life, and on top of that are the browns, rusts, greens, and blues from the Music Montage piece.

Speaking of which, I've made pretty good progress on the backstitch portion of this project.

I am NOT enjoying the Kreinik around the main motif, and it pains me to think of backstitching MUSIC with it, but I do like the rest of the piece. I even kind of like the backstich/double running stitch I've been using on the outer words. Al least progress is nice and fast this way.

I've added Music Montage to my WIPocalpse list because it needs to be finished this year, and hopefully framed and ready to go by the beginning of Decemnber.


  1. Beautiful progress and love the ORTs!

  2. Great progress. the back stitching does bring it out though.

  3. Love your ORTs :) Backstitching is the pits....but backstitching with Krenik sounds more painful! But...the end result will be worth it I'm sure!

  4. Music Montage looks incredible! Can't you backstitch the inner border of the Music letters with some other floss besides Kreinik? Good luck with avoiding the pesky tangles!

  5. Loads of orts! Great shot!! Good luck with the finicky Kreinik. I find using a bit of Thread Heaven helps. Music is looking really great. My friend would love a design like this!