Friday, August 24, 2012

Drama Queen!!!

I put this project aside for the longest time because the confetti was killing me. Recently I finally got in the mood to work on it, and I plowed through and FINALLY finished the fourth page. So I've done 21988 stitches, or 28.46% of the project. It looks fabulous (even though the reds don't photograph well).

I did wonder if it would be the death of me though. See that whitish/blueish section in the middle of the poppies? There were 21 colours in the last 58 stitches. Must have been 75-80 colours just in that section. I can not explain the pain that the confetti caused me. I think the worst part was finding symbols that I knew I already stitched, but I managed to miss just one or two. Sigh.

I'm excited to start the next page because I'm going to try parking for the first time. I'm pretty nervous about it, and I'm very worried I'll get annoyed and give up on it. However, if I can make it work, then I think progress on this piece might pick up a little bit. Fingers crossed and wish me luck.


  1. This is oh so beautiful. I know the confetti are a nightmare, but see how good the result is! I wish i 'got' some stitching time, so i could get to my confetti-ridden Lilies