Sunday, August 12, 2012

Music Progress

I have spent more time stitching than I probably should lately, but I am loving stitching this music piece. I can't believe how fast I'm flying through it.

It took only a few days to get this far:

And the next thing I knew, the central MUSIC motif was finished!!

I've started on the backstitching, which is arduous and plentiful! (Pics of that in the next update). I am currently debating if I should backstitch the inside of the music motif.

The pattern doesn't say to backstitch it, but I think it might help the word pop, especially considering the fabric I chose to use. What do you think?


  1. I think back stitching the letters would be a good idea. You could always just do one to see how you like it and then decide if you want to continue or not.

    The design is very pretty. I like the colors.


  2. I agree with Jennifer...I'd test it one one letter to see how it looks. But it's a beautiful piece! Well done!

  3. Beautiful stitching great progress :D back stitching will make the letters stand out more.

  4. I think that is just such a beautiful piece... Maybe don't do the backstitching in black but in a color that is in the design as well... that way it won't be too "hard" on the design, maybe use the dark red or grey?

    1. I was thinking of using the brown/copper Kreinik that is used on the outside border of that motif.

  5. I vote for backstitching too! The kreinik sounds good if you can bear it!! Or a similar colour thread if not.

  6. What a great piece. I'm surprised the letters aren't stitched. I would diffenetly backstitch around them.


  7. Yes, I definitely vote for backstitching inside the letters too.