Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 UCJC - Day 15

Today is the last day of the Crazy January Challenge. Luckily for all of you -- I'm doing the ultimate version, so there are still 16 more starts to come.

It's amazing ... a few days into the UCJC I was feeling very off-kilter because I found it frustrating to change projects every day. Now, 15 days (and 15 projects) later, I can't remember what I've started. There are SO MANY projects that it's a bit of a blur. I can barely remember what I stitched on yesterday, let alone what I worked on 10 days ago.

The interesting thing is that I no longer find it stressful to switch projects every day. I have a routine. I stitch till about 10pm, then I take pictures and blog about that day's stitching. Around 11:30pm I start prepping my project for the next day, and if I'm still awake enough to stitch, then I'll put in a few stitches after midnight. Rinse and repeat.

Originally I was just going to do the 15 start version of this challenge, so I had saved the "best for last." I have been wanting to stitch Cirque des Carreaux by Ink Circles since the second I saw the pattern several years ago. I've been tossing around colour ideas for ages, but I finally settled on a combination that I really hadn't seen anywhere else yet. I've chosen to stitch this on 25 ct Night Fall lugana (Sassy's Fabbys), 1 over 1, using Carrie's Creations silk in Epiphany. The neat thing (I think) is that I'm doing an almost tone-on-tone version.

This start is also part of the BAP Challenge hosted by Becky over at Becky Bee's Stitching Hive. I'll make a separate page for that challenge.

So, all of the pieces in the first half of this challenge were projects that I'd been dying to work on for ages. In the second half of this challenge, I'm mostly working on kits that I have had in my stash for far too long or on HAEDs that I shouldn't start but am going to anyway. It should be an interesting ride.


  1. It's always an interesting ride, Adrienne, lol. I love the colors you chose for Square Circus. They're lovely. I even mentioned it to a friend of mine, and she looked and oohed and ahhed too. Hope to see some more from you soon!! (I can't keep up with all the crazy postings!!!)

  2. This is just gorgeous! I'm glad you're hanging in there in the UCJC, just like me! I also stitch until about 11pm, then take a pic and post on my blog and the Yahoo and FB groups. I spend a lot of time looking through my previous starts, just thinking of when I'll get the chance to get back to them eventually. Wow, we have 16 more to go! (and Linda convinced me to keep going through February)